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John Emmanuel Floral Events

John Emmanuel's website was a unique challenge: it's a wedding florist site, but doubles as an e-commerce site for seasonal flower campaigns.

Two websites in one

This website is really two websites in one. All year round, it is a resource to help potential clients book John in to design grand floral arrangements for their wedding, baby shower, birthday parties.

But a few times a year, the site also becomes a kind of online pop-up shop, selling seasonal floral arrangements for Mothers Day, Valentine’s Day and other key moments in the year.

Behind the veil

The entire site was built with Shopify, which allowed us access to an efficient and easy-to-use e-commerce system. I integrated some custom typography into the site, which gave it more of a distinct character than most of Shopify’s templates will allow.

The site features a custom form for prospective customers, an appointment booking system for initial consultations, and a delivery date picker so that customers can choose which day they want their flowers delivered to their door.

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