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Robert Angyal SC has a well-earned name as one of Sydney's exceptional commercial mediators. His professionalism and gravitas come through on his website.

Robert Angyal SC

Mr Angyal is one of Sydney’s most respected commercial barristers and mediators–and once upon a time, I worked as his junior clerk. Long story.


I designed his original website in 2014, and with this revision, I wanted to extend and refine that basic aesthetic into something with more character..

I used a small-caps copperplate-style typeface for some headings and button text. This kind of font has a long association with the legal profession going back to the early twentieth century, and is loved by practitioners to this day. (You often see this on engraved plaques at solicitors’ firms.) I paired this font with an elegant serif for the body and some sub-headings.

The mix of light blue and dark navy should put visitors at ease, and is suggestive of Mr Angyal’s professionalism as a mediator. There is a little hint of mint green also. I don’t have any philosophy behind this: it seemed to suit though.


Beyond the main page, it a few things that you might expect: a blog for his updates, and an embedded Twitter feed.

It also features an availability calendar that syncs with Mr Angyal’s work calendar, and shows potential clients when he is available to book.


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